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    Six Website Metrics that Matter Most

    Once your website is live, you’ll probably start looking at its metrics to see how well it’s performing. If you’re trying to make sense of the numbers, you are not alone! Website metrics can be confusing and not all of them carry the same weight.

    important website metrics

    Let’s cover six of the most important web metrics and how you can use them to generate more leads, convert more customers and grow your business.

    1. Total Traffic

    How many total pageviews does your website receive? Pay attention to trends, seasonal fluctuations and the geographic areas your audience is coming from. Within this data, you can distinguish between pageviews, users and sessions. These stats tell you important information about your audience and when they shop.

    1. Traffic Source

    Traffic sources are sources that drive traffic to your site. It’s important to know this information because you can allocate your budget to the sources that bring you traffic. Common traffic sources include Google searches, inbound links from other sites, social media and paid traffic from digital ads.

    1. Time on Site

    How much time are people spending on your site? The more time they spend, the more engaging your content is and the more likely they are to become customers. On the other hand, if time spent on your site is low, you’ll want to find out why and make the necessary improvements.

    1. Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people leaving your site after viewing one page. If 100 people visit your homepage and 85 of them leave without clicking on another page, your bounce rate is 85 percent. To lower your bounce rate, consider some of the design improvements you can make to keep people on your site longer.

    1. Top Performers

    Look at your analytics to determine what pages or blog posts have the most traffic. See if you can spot any trends. Are there certain topics that attract a lot of traffic? If so, you’ll want to create more similar content to improve traffic and lower bounce rates.

    1. Conversion by Traffic Source

    Is traffic generated from your Facebook ads converting more sales than your Pinterest pins? If so, you’ll want to allocate more of your budget to Facebook because you’ll see a higher return on this channel. We recommend knowing your customer lifetime value (CLV). Otherwise, you run the risk of spending more on new customers than they’re worth.

    These are just a few of the website metrics that matter most to your website. You can find out this information from Google Analytics or a similar program. And when you work with a digital marketing agency in Baton Rouge, your analytics are delivered regularly. To learn more about your metrics, what they mean and what to track, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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