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    Telltale Signs Your Business Can Benefit from Live Chat Software

    Live Chat Software

    As live chat becomes more and more popular, you’re probably wondering if you need to implement this software into your business as well. The answer: Probably. Traditional forms of customer support like email and phone are just not enough to satisfy customers. People want to get in touch and have their questions answered right away.

    Plus, if your customers wait hours or days for a response, they may no longer be interested by the time you do respond. Fortunately, you don’t have to let this happen. Live chat can fill in these gaps, create happy customers and increase sales. Below are four signs that your business can benefit from live chat.

    1. Abandoned Shopping Carts

    Do you have a high rate of abandoned shopping carts, checkout pages or uncompleted signups? This usually means that people are hesitant to move forward. Use live chat software to erase any doubts shoppers may have. Reassure them that you have a great product and can address any questions or concerns on the spot.

    1. Better Understanding of Your Web Visitors

    How much do you know about the people who are visiting your website? If you don’t know a lot, or you feel that the needs of your audience are changing, live chat can give you the insight you’re looking for. Live chat lets you talk with visitors and collect valuable information like the following:

    • A visitor’s current page and session length
    • First and last visit times
    • The link that referred the visitor to your site
    • Their geographic location
    • The system the customer is on
    1. Too Many Emails to Your Support Team

    If your customer support team is overwhelmed with emails, it’s clear that you can benefit from live chat. You can address these questions and ensure that customers have the information they need to make confident purchase decisions. You can also free up time for your customer service teams so they can focus on other opportunities like closing sales.

    1. Low Conversion Rates

    Another sign to watch for is low conversion rates. Many customers will browse a website for a while before deciding to add something to their cart. So, if people are spending time on your site but not converting, it’s probably because they need some things cleared up. Having live chat allows you to provide service in real-time and convert leads into paying customers. Once you have these customers, you can use live chat to retain them as well!

    WSI Live Chat is a cost-effective way to get live chat onto your website. This live chat and monitoring service lets you connect with customers and track site activity in real-time. You can collect valuable information about your visitors and use this to improve your site and close more sales. Contact us today to learn more.

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