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    Tips for Creating a Killer Mobile Marketing Strategy

    Are you interested in amping up your mobile marketing strategy? Creating an effective mobile marketing campaign is crucial if you want to connect with your mobile audience and surpass your competition. More than ever before, people are connected to their mobile devices and using them to research products and make purchases. If you don’t reach out to this audience and find ways to travel with them through the buyer journey, you’re going to miss out on sales opportunities.

    What can you do to create a killer mobile marketing strategy that will produce results? Below are practical tips that you can apply to your campaign as soon as today.

    Define the Purpose

    Just as with any marketing campaign, you must define the purpose of your mobile marketing strategy. What goals are you trying to reach? What consumer demand are you trying to address? Having a purpose gives you well-defined targets to work toward.

    Prioritize Sales

    Sales and special offers are great ways to capture the attention of your prospects. What you may not realize is that you have a limited window to catch this attention. Present customers with captivating sales and offers that will entice them to stop into your store or visit your website. Give users the choice to opt-in to receive alerts about special offers.

    Use Optimized Keywords

    Keywords aren’t just important to your content marketing strategy. They should also be included in your mobile marketing strategy for the purpose of driving targeted traffic to your website. People search a little bit differently when using a smart phone to search for local products and services. To make your keywords work, think locally. If you own a pizza place, people may search for things like “pizza place near me” or “best pizza in Madison.” You would then try to include these keywords naturally in your content.

    Include Contact Information

    If you have a brick-and-mortar store, include your contact information on each web page so that customers know where to find you. Rather than just giving your address, include a map so that people can easily navigate their way to your location.

    Be Responsive

    With so many devices on the market, you never know where people are coming from. The best way to give all users a quality, consistent experience is by having a responsive website. All of your marketing materials will be compatible across devices and updated at the same time.

    Use Hyperlocal Marketing

    Hyperlocal marketing uses big data and IP geolocation technology to gather social insights and location data. Using this information, you can target users with information that is timely, relevant and personalized. For example, you can offer customers within a certain radius of your pizza shop a discount for a large pizza during the weekend.

    Mobile marketing has a lot of sides to it, and it can be complex at times. Start by building a strong mobile marketing strategy that uses good keywords, a responsive web design and a clear purpose. Once you have the foundation in place, you can adjust your strategy based on the unique behavior of your prospects.

    For more information on how to put together a successful mobile marketing strategy, call WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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