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    Top 3 Pay Per Click Trends for 2020

    Pay Per Click Trends

    Pay per click advertising remains an important part of your internet marketing strategy because it delivers fast results and targets the right people at the same time. When combined with SEO, the two tactics can work together to achieve the best possible results. Curious to know what the future holds for PPC? We are, too!

    Below you’ll find three PPC trends to watch for in 2020.

    1. More automation and machine learning.

    Automation will continue to grow in 2020. It’s the fastest way to run high-performance PPC campaigns while freeing up your employees’ time. This way, you’ll have more time to create content and build a community around your brand.

    There are a number of PPC automation tools that allow you to maintain control over your account while automating tasks like lowering cost-per click, raising click-through-rate and improving quality score. The idea is simple. Instead of exhausting more time from your staff, you can monitor and guide your automation tools to provide even better results.

    1. Better audience targeting.

    Understanding your target customer will still be important, but also important is delivering the right message at the right moment. You might know your audience, but that doesn’t mean they’re always ready to hear your message.

    Additionally, your messages should help others rather than making a direct sale. It’s a new way of thinking, considering that marketers have traditionally paid for ads that increase click-throughs and sales. Now, marketers will be paying for ads that are designed to educate customers and help them grow.

    1. Emphasis on privacy tracking.

    The GDPR is restricting tracking capabilities, so you’ll need to find new ways to track your audience. Until you do, the best approach is to send the right message at the right time and track the top metrics that contribute to your company’s bottom line.

    In the meantime, expect businesses to learn new ways to leverage their data without exploiting their customers. PPC marketers have seen results with contextual and demographic targeting options such as In-Marketing Audiences that can be found in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

    This is only the beginning of the latest pay per click advertising trends, but it’s a start. You can expect to see PPC marketers being more technical, automating more tasks and reaching their audiences in the right moment. If your PPC marketing strategy needs some attention, contact the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions and see what we can do for you!

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