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    Video Marketing in 2021 – How it’s Influencing Consumer Decision Making

    Video continues to be a powerful tool for connecting and engaging with your audience. Not only does video entertain and educate viewers, but also it influences their purchasing habits. To provide more insight on how video marketing shapes consumer decision-making, the team at Animoto surveyed 580 consumers.

    Video Marketing in 2021

    Some key findings from the survey include:

    • 93 percent of consumers say that video is helpful when purchasing a product
    • Consumers report video as their favorite type of content to receive from brands
    • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the top three platforms consumers use to find new products and services
    • When learning about new products and services, consumers prefer to watch a video rather than read or look at photos

    How to Create Compelling Video Content

    Creating video content that stands out is a challenge because of the competition online. The good news is that consumers want this type of content, so at least you know that you are creating content that is relevant and engaging.

    Here are some of the ways that you can create compelling, authentic video content to educate, inspire and entertain your customers.

    • Get vertical. Vertical videos continue to grow in popularity because of how people watch them on their mobile devices. In fact, it’s the preferred dimension for Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories.
    • Diversify your content. Before posting the same video on every platform, think about your audience on each one. You might find it best to create similar videos covering different topics based on your audience’s interests.
    • A/B test for best results. Use A/B testing for internet marketing in Jackson MS. Varying and comparing your ads helps you discover what captures your audience’s attention. Is it the mention of a sale? Is it shorter length videos?
    • Capture interest immediately. Don’t make viewers wait until they’ve watched your video to share your message. Whether it’s a discount, promo or new product release, put this first so that people get your brand’s best right away.

    Video content is a great addition to your content marketing strategy. To discuss video marketing and how it can work for your brand, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.


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    Video Marketing in 2021 - How it's Influencing Consumer Decision Making