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    Web Refresh vs Web Redesign Is it Time to Start Over

    Web Refresh vs Web Redesign

    Although there is no exact number for how long websites last, average numbers are around 2.5 years. This is around the time that people start getting bored with their websites and are looking for a new and exciting web design in Baton Rouge.

    Usually, the big question for clients is whether they should do a light refresh or a full redesign. A refresh is a lighter change that updates the existing structure, design, and bones of the site. A website redesign is a lot more involved. You basically get a whole new website!

    So which one is right for you? Below are some questions to ask yourself.

    Are you happy with your current website?

    If you’re currently satisfied with your content management system (CMS), a refresh is probably all you need. You can make quick updates to your content and visuals to keep your site looking fresh and new.

    On the other hand, if you are hearing complaints from users, your bounce rates are high and you’re not happy with your CMS, it’s probably time for a redesign. Your website is always working for you to generate traffic, leads, and conversions, so you should feel confident about its performance.

    Does your website have outdated technology?

    Today’s websites are clean and streamlined. If your site is still running on old technology, it’s time to make a change. Outdated technology can cause your site to run slow, be vulnerable to security threats, and not work on mobile devices. The only way to get all the new technology is by redoing your site.

    Do you want to improve the user experience?

    If your users are mostly happy with your design, you only need a refresh to make simple updates. A CMS like WordPress makes it easy to recommend related content, add search filters, or make slight changes to your menus. The goal is to help users find your content quickly and easily in as few clicks as possible.

    Are you rebranding your business?

    A new company logo only needs a site-wide refresh, providing the color palette and typeface remain the same. But if you’re doing a full rebrand, it’s worth redoing your website as well. Rebrands typically involve changes in the address, logo, colors, typeface, style elements, and brand personality. Trying to incorporate these changes on an old site doesn’t work well.

    Do you have the time and budget for an overhaul?

    While it is typically more expensive to build a new site, things aren’t like they used to be. In fact, it can be cheaper to wipe the slate clean as opposed to building onto your existing site. And, if you can’t accomplish what you want with your current site, it’s definitely worth starting fresh.

    WSI Star Web Solutions can help with your web design in Baton Rouge. Contact us today for a consultation and to see if a web refresh or redesign is right for you.

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