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    What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

    Have you been asked to provide someone with a guest blog? You may be flattered at the gesture, but what does it really mean to guest blog, and what benefits will it bring your business?

    Typically speaking, guest blogging is a great opportunity to gain a bigger following on your website and social media channels while also bringing more exposure and credibility to your brand. And you never know. The more guest blogging opportunities you take advantage of, the more will come to you, further strengthening your position as an industry leader.

    Let’s discuss some exciting benefits to guest blogging.

    Gain Credibility

    It says something when you’re able to maintain your own blog to a high standard, but it says even more when other people want you to contribute your expertise to their blog. The more that your work is published, the more credible you will appear to be, especially next to authors who have no guest posts.

    Increase Inbound Links

    One of the biggest perks to guest blogging is that it drives traffic to the author’s website. Most sites that you write for will allow you to submit a photo and short bio, plus the option to share your URLs so that people can connect with you on social media, your website, etc. These links drive referral traffic and boost SEO, resulting in better rankings.

    Growth on Social Media

    In the same way guest blogging brings more traffic to your website, it also brings more traffic to your social media channels. If someone reads one of your blog posts and likes what you have to say, they may follow you on Facebook or Google+. This is how you grow your following. It may be slow, but at least you begin to build a community that is truly interested in your business. Your followers will also be more likely to share your posts and become advocates for your brand.

    Networking Opportunities

    Networking is good for business. Guest posts are a networking tool because they drive conversation and lead to other opportunities. The more you engage in conversation, the more other people will see you as a valued contributor. Networking can also help you find guest bloggers for your own website. Guest blogging goes both ways, after all. Guest posts bring fresh value to your blog and can drive new traffic to it.

    At the end of the day, guest blogging is a very good thing to do. It gives you more credibility, exposure and traffic. We recommend taking the opportunity to guest blog, if you’re asked. Also, network with other industry professionals and invite them to guest blog for your own website. While this does require some time and involvement, it will be worth your while.

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