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    What Elements Make Video Content Most Likely to Go Viral

    It’s no secret that video marketing carries extensive benefits for your brand. Videos have been known to increase sales, drive additional traffic to websites and entertain customers. But they’ve also been known to involve a lot of time, money and hassle, so some brands feel that they’re not worth it.

    The key to a successful video is making it go viral. If it gets into enough of the right hands, you won’t second guess this marketing tactic – ever. So what is it that makes some videos viral and others not?

    Let’s explore some of the most crucial elements that contribute to the success of brand-generated video content.

    They aren’t overly promotional.

    People are not as inclined to watch an ad as they are a video that is purely for entertainment. This means that you need to deliver content to your users that doesn’t scream “advertising” all over it.

    Viral videos tell a story. If you were planning on talking about your product and its features, benefits and pricing, save that for another day. Videos made to go viral need to tell a story, almost like a mini movie. They should have a beginning, middle and end. They should have a purpose. And, they should make people feel something.

    Choose a topic that your viewers can relate to. This will keep them coming back for more, plus make your video more memorable.

    They tap into human emotion.

    Your story should evoke some type of emotion, whether it’s sad, happy or inspirational. The purpose for this is to encourage viewers to become emotionally invested in your video so that it leaves a lasting imprint on them.

    With so much noise on the internet, people must be selective about what they watch and share with others. If you can leave someone feeling inspired to make a difference in the world, they’re going to start by pushing that “share” button.

    They have unexpected moments.

    While some videos are successful at using shock tactics, others are more subtle and light-hearted with their approach. But this is what makes them different from the rest – it’s a little something unexpected.

    Remember, many brands are creating videos, so coasting by on the safe side of things will only get your video lost in the shuffle. Don’t be afraid to be different, even if it means getting some negative reviews. You can’t make everyone happy, but the more people talk about your brand, the more you get noticed.

    They have a smart promotion strategy.

    The final piece to the puzzle is having a sound promotion strategy. Make sure that your video is fully optimized for SEO and includes keywords in your URL, meta description and throughout the post. Upload your video to your blog, landing page, home page, social media profiles, etc. You can even use the promotional tools available on Facebook to get your video into the right hands.

    Not all videos go viral, but the ones that do contain the above elements. If your video doesn’t get the traction you thought it would, don’t give up on video marketing. As long as your brand is generating brand awareness and appealing to your audience, then you’re on the right track!

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