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    Why Long-Tail Keywords Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy

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    Are long-tail keywords part of your content marketing strategy? They should be. As a matter of fact, long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches. These longer keywords consist of words and phrases that are longer and more specific than commonly searched for keywords. They also tend to have a higher conversion value because they are more specific.

    Below you’ll find the main reasons why long-tail keywords are important and how they can help boost your SEO in Jackson MS.

    Outrank your competition

    Long-tail keywords will help you outrank your competitors. Even if it’s a search query that they’re already using, you can drive more traffic to your site with better optimized content. Take commonly searched for keywords and refine them to be more specific to your audience. This will help you reach people who are actually looking to buy your products and services – not just those who are browsing.

    Give people what they want

    The point of Google is to present users with the information they want. Generally speaking, people search on Google when they want to learn something, do something or go somewhere. Therefore, their searches tend to be specific.

    For example, if a family is interested in going to Disney World, they’re not going to search for “Disney World.” This is too generic. Instead, they’ll use search queries like, “How much is a 3-day pass to Disney World?” or “When is the best time to go to Disney World.”

    Long-tail keywords help people find your content so that they can accomplish their goal of learning something, doing something or going somewhere.

    Provide context to your content

    Another way that long-tail keywords help SEO in Jackson MS is by giving context to your articles and blog posts. With updates made to Google’s search algorithms, it’s now easier for them to understand the context behind something. In return, users get better results to their search queries. By adding long-tail keywords to your content, you can increase your rankings in the search results.

    Better conversion rates

    Long-tail words and phrases tend to have better conversion rates. You’ll still want to use PPC to help boost your efforts, but over time, long-tail keywords will bring relevant traffic to your site and increase conversions.

    If you’re looking to add more long-tail keywords to your content, contact the SEO experts at WSI Star Web Solutions. We’ll design a strategy that is effective and includes both long- and short-tail keywords.

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