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    Why You Should Be Reviving Old Blog Content (and Tips for Doing So)

    Blog Content Optimization
    Most bloggers focus on writing new content. While it’s definitely important to add new material, you don’t have to rely on it all of the time. Our digital marketing agency in New Orleans recommends repurposing old articles to keep your blog fresh, update old information and improve content quality. And, these aren’t the only reasons for reviving old content. It’s also easier to repurpose what you have than creating new articles from scratch.

    Let’s look at some of the ways you can expand on old content, preserve your time and money, and enhance the quality of your blog all at the same time.

    Choose the Best Articles

    It’s not worth it to revive all of your content – only some of it. To identify the content that’s worth repurposing, start by identifying the articles that bring you a lot of traffic. You can figure this information out from Google Analytics (be sure to look at the most popular content from “all time.”)

    Go through each article and ask yourself these questions. This will help you identify the best articles to revive.

    • Is the information current?
    • Do the links work?
    • Does the quality of content meet your standards?
    • Can you write a follow up post?
    • Will readers benefit from a new, improved version?

    Update Your Content

    There are two ways to refresh your content. The first is by improving the quality of content to bring it up to a higher standard. Some of the things to fix include long sentences, spelling issues, poor grammar and poor SEO.

    The next way to update your content is by adding new information. You can add new links, recent research, or a personal update depending on the knowledge you have gained. Once the article is refreshed, you can share it to your social channels.

    Create Follow-Up Posts

    If you’re happy with the content but have new information to add, consider expanding on the article with a follow-up post. You can advertise the new post while linking back to your old content, which is great for building a strong internal linking strategy.

    While there are no rules for what type of content is best for follow-up articles, our digital marketing agency in New Orleans usually recommends list posts. You can turn each bullet point into a new article. In fact, you can put together a series of articles that expand on each bullet point to keep fresh content coming.

    Final Thoughts

    Refreshing your old blog content is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve your website and attract new people. Start with your most popular content first, and then work your way down. Again, you only need to revive your highest performing content. To discuss your content marketing strategy and ways to improve evergreen content, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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