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    5 Professional Tips for Small Business SEO

    Small Business SEO

    It’s still the beginning of a new year, and it’s not too late to devise a plan for your small business SEO! Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to leave small business owners guessing what interruption will happen next, as well as which direction their consumers’ behavior will head in the months to come.

    That’s why we’re here to help provide you with five professional tips for your small business SEO in Jackson MS! So let’s talk about how you can improve your rankings in the midst of these unprecedented times.

    1.) Look for Keyword Opportunities and Content Gaps

    As Google continues to grow, it is also continuing to improve its algorithms and techniques to figure out what web-searchers are truly looking for. Since Google is always growing and changing, it’s important that you are growing and changing with it!

    Start being intentional in looking for keyword opportunities or content gaps where you can add your own valuable information to conversations that are already happening around specific questions that customers are asking. As customers find your information more timely and relevant compared to other brands, your product-related answers will increase in visibility.

    2.) Have a Content Strategy

    Taking the time to create a content strategy so that you can be intentional in your posts is key to a successful small business. You’ll want to make sure that you are posting on your website regularly while not spreading yourself too thin. Content matters, so don’t post something just to check off a box. Dig deep and make sure you are showcasing your expertise!

    In addition, remember that industry recognition and respect is built over time, so focus on things like user experience, easier accessibility, the customer’s journey and your sales process. These are things that will pay off in the long run because they will bring in positive reviews and testimonials, which are major-league players when it comes to building a strong web presence and reputation.

    3.) Connect with Local Businesses

    Many consumers are getting tired of the big business, corporation spiel. Use being a small business to your advantage! Once you’ve found your niche, start building relationships with other small businesses in your general area.

    Choose to participate in local opportunities such as volunteering in your community, starting a fundraiser or planning an event alongside other businesses. This way, you’ll be reaching more audiences than are currently in your wingspan, and meeting potential customers face-to-face. Just make sure that the businesses you are teaming up with don’t contradict your brand’s goals or overall message.

    4.) Share About Customer Interactions

    Whether sharing short stories or product reviews from customers, it’s important to have something to show for the way you communicate with your customers. Make sure to share these interactions on your website and social media – with basic SEO added.

    According to Amanda Leeman, SEO Manager at Adept Marketing, your Google Business Profile may actually generate more leads than your website itself! So make sure that your business is linked to Google, and you are using keywords in your business’s description.

    It is also a good idea to include a link to your Google Business Profile when communicating with customers, to make it easily accessible for them to leave Google reviews and make comments on your services. This will bump your visibility up a notch!

    5.) Utilize Resources

    Two ways that you can be resourceful when it comes to SEO in Jackson MS is to do strategic Google searches and increase interaction with your business using reviews. First, taking the time to strategically search for keyword opportunities and missing content is one of the easiest ways to utilize Google. The formulas are right there!

    Look to see what comes up when you search relevant topics and keywords to your products. What format are the answers in? Do the answers actually answer the question being asked? Is there valuable information that you could add and would put your business in the rankings?

    Secondly, focus intently on generating reviews and feedback from your customers, as this can really put a small business on the map when it comes to visibility in a search. Take advantage of tools that automate review requests after a customer makes a purchase or books an appointment. Then, respond to reviews to demonstrate your capability to respond to a customer’s feedback and make sure to be intentional about setting a professional and positive tone for your business!

    Although a new year brings ever-changing restrictions and plenty of uncertainty, don’t let your insecurities about SEO drag your small business through the mud! Follow these five tips for a more successful, and “visible”, online presence!

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