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    Grow Your Email List With These Content Upgrades

    How would you like to grow your email list? Today, we are going to talk about content upgrades and how they can quickly and efficiently grow your subscriber list. The best part is, content upgrades help you land more qualified leads rather than general subscribers who might not have much interest in your company.

    In this post, we will discuss what a content upgrade is, how to create a content upgrade and ideas to get you started. Let’s begin!

    What is a Content Upgrade?

    A content upgrade is bonus content that people get in exchange for giving you their email address. Marketers who use content upgrades say that they work – and work well. It appears that small, unique pieces of content that relate to what the customer is already reading about work the best.

    How Do You Create a Content Upgrade?

    High quality content is required to get people to convert. Start with a topic that your audience wants to know more about. Give it a compelling title and package it professionally.

    To help make your content stand out, leverage the tools that are available to you. For example, Canva is an amazing, comprehensive design tool that lets you create beautiful content upgrades using photos, illustrations, fonts, styles, design templates and more. You can find fabulous stock photos on Shutterstock and experiment with typography using Google Fonts.

    What are Examples of Content Upgrades?

    Let’s go over some examples of content upgrades so that you can find the right fit for your audience.

    • PDF blog post. This is the easiest upgrade to offer your readers. All you need to do is save the post as a PDF and your customers can download it. Useful, informative content is something that people like having on hand.
    • Video. If you recently hosted a webinar or interview, you can offer a short video as complementary content. For readers who are interested in the full interview or a visual recap of the conversation, this is valuable content.
    • Bonus content. People love getting more, so why not give your readers exactly that? Put together a post that contains a lot of information and split it into two. Share half the post and use the rest as an upgrade. This way, if people like what they read, they can download the rest!
    • Cheat sheet. A cheat sheet is another simple upgrade you can offer. People like having all important information organized into one piece of content. Depending on your industry, your cheat sheet might include industry vocabulary or topic ideas.
    • Checklist. Like cheat sheets, people also love checklists. Some of the most popular include step-by-step printable lists that outline materials needed for a project or instructions on how to do something.
    • Case study. A great way to demonstrate your product’s value is by writing a case study. Not everyone likes to read through lengthy case studies, which is why this makes a great content upgrade. For potential clients that want to know more about your efforts, a case study is informative.
    • Resources. Another content upgrade that is worth considering is a list of resources, particularly if your post contains a lot of tools. With this master list, you can link all of the resources so that users don’t have to search for them on their own.

    We hope that this post has helped you better understand what content upgrades are and how they can fit into your content marketing strategy. For more information on how to incorporate this bonus content into your existing strategy, call WSI Star Web Solutions.

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