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    Newsletter Topic Ideas to Kick Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    Email Marketing Campaaign

    Sending email newsletters to your customer base is an excellent way to stay in touch, build long-term relationships and generate sales. But like other marketing strategies, creating newsletters can get dry over time. Many people struggle to come up with new topics and content to engage their audience.

    Fortunately, we have some newsletter ideas that you can use to fill out your editorial calendar and shake up your email marketing strategy. Below are some of our favorites – we hope they inspire you, too!

    Share Thoughts on a Recent News Story

    Newsletters are meant to be timely and relevant, so sharing your thoughts on a recent story is a great way to attract readers and engage them in some conversation. If you want to keep things light, think about less controversial topics like a new movie release.

    Round Up Interesting Links

    Use an app like Pocket, or your browser bookmarks, to save interesting articles, podcasts, blogs, recipes, etc. Organize them based on their topic and include them in your newsletter. The only rule is to make sure that this content relates to your business and will be valuable to your readers.

    Interview an Industry Expert

    Another thing you can do to spice up your emails is interview an expert in your industry. This is a win-win for everyone. You get original content from a new perspective, and the expert gets to reach a new audience. Plus, you’re networking and building relationships all at the same time!

    Launch a Poll or Survey

    Surveys and polls are a great way to interact with your audience while learning more about them. For longer surveys, offer your readers a small incentive in exchange for their feedback, such as a 10% off coupon. You can leverage polls and surveys to find out what topics your audience likes best, their general interests and how they consume your content.

    Share Your Recent Blog Posts

    This is probably something you already do, but it’s a great reminder for those who aren’t. High quality blog posts don’t just stay on your blog – they should be shared on social media and in your email newsletters. Not only do they flesh out your newsletter, but also they ensure that more people are seeing your posts.

    Compare Products

    People love to do their own research when buying a product or service, and you can help them by offering a side-by-side comparison of two different products. They can even be your own products! This information will help your readers make an informed decision that they will be happier with.

    Share a Recap from an Event

    Whether you attend an event or launch your own event, don’t let it go by without sharing the details with your readers! Write an exclusive recap that includes what happened at the event, who you met and your personal experiences. Don’t forget to take pictures to go along with the write-up!

    Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories

    Show the human side of your business – this reminds your audience that there are real people working behind the scenes. Share glimpses of your business operations, photos of your employees’ pets, interesting facts about your teams and so forth. People will love seeing a different side of your brand, and they’ll feel more connected to you, too.

    We hope these ideas have given you inspiration for your upcoming newsletters. A little thinking outside the box goes a long way in making your newsletters fun, enjoyable and unique!

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