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    3 Things to Know about Using LinkedIn for Content Marketing

    LinkedIn for Content Marketing

    If you are active on LinkedIn, you already know that there’s plenty to appreciate about this platform. Designed for business professionals, LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for small business owners who want to share their products and services and provide additional opportunities to be found in the search results.

    About four years ago, LinkedIn opened its publishing platforms to all members, allowing them to post content directly to the network. If you haven’t been utilizing this feature, now is the time. Below are three things you need to know about using LinkedIn for social media marketing in New Orleans.

    1. Write a mix of LinkedIn blog posts and status updates.

    People who publish content on LinkedIn report decreased engagement on published posts. It seems to be that short-form status updates receive more comments and shares than long-form blog posts. This is why it’s best to create a content marketing strategy that incorporates both longer blog posts (350+ words) and status updates.

    A few other recommendations include:

    • Post 3-5 times a week
    • Mix content shares between yourself and other sources
    • Use hashtags to distinguish your content and help it be found
    • Make sure all content is valuable to your audience
    1. Create more video content – it’s highly engaging and easy to consume.

    LinkedIn gives you the option to post video status updates directly on the platform. You can also add a video to your company page updates and your LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to engage your audience and get more views out of your content.

    When creating video content for LinkedIn, here are a few tips to follow:

    • Plan for mobile viewing
    • Use a tripod to keep things steady
    • Use a microphone to avoid background noise
    • Add subtitles if you can
    • Keep the videos short
    • Make the first 6 seconds compelling
    1. Share more than once for a bigger impact.

    If you already blog for somewhere else, you can share it through a status post. Make sure you share it in the comments so that you’re not penalized for taking users off LinkedIn. With this strategy, you’ll have a new post and drive traffic to your website. For a greater impact, write several short status posts about your content and link back to the original article.

    As an example, if you wrote a blog post about “5 Ways to Do X,” you could write a status post about each point and link to your article. This is an easy way to repurpose your content and keep your LinkedIn profile interesting.

    As you can see, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for expanding your social media marketing in New Orleans. To discuss more ways to stand out on LinkedIn with great content ideas, schedule a chat with WSI Star Web Solutions.


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