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    5 Easy Steps to Creating a Social Media Posting Schedule

    When you’re busy with social media marketing in New Orleans, having a posting schedule is a lifesaver. A schedule of this sort will prevent you from having to post content at the last minute. When you do this, it’s easier to make mistakes. Plus, by automating your social media posts, you can ensure a balanced mix of content that appeals to all of your followers.

    Social Media Posting Schedule


    Below are the five steps you need to know to create an effective social media posting schedule.

    1. Conduct a Social Media Audit

    Before you can start building your social media posting schedule, you need to check what social accounts you’re active on. To do this, you’ll need to conduct a social media audit. This audit catalogues your existing social media accounts and allows you to track key information such as the goals and key demographics for each account.

    1. Practice Social Listening

    Once you understand how you’re using social media, it’s time to find out what your competitors are up to. You can accomplish this through social listening. Social media monitoring tools help you understand how other businesses use social media, as well as what consumers are saying about your industry.

    1. Choose How Often to Post

    There is no single rule for how often you should post on social media, though consistency is key. However, if you’re looking for some guidance, here is what Hootsuite recommends:

    • Instagram: 3-7 times per week
    • Facebook: 1-2 times a day
    • Twitter: 1-5 tweets a day
    • LinkedIn: 1-5 times a day

    Remember, quality is key. It’s better to post relevant content that your audience is interested in as opposed to lots of content that is just junk.

    1. Decide When to Post

    Another consideration you’ll have to make is when to post content to your social media channels. Fortunately, you can create a schedule using social media scheduling tools. Choose the ideal times to post based on the demographics and location of your audience. Continue to keep a close eye on your analytics to ensure your content is reaching your audience.

    1. Build a Good Content Mix

    Your content should be well-balanced so that you appeal to a wide range of people and don’t get bored. Some of your posts will promote your business or drive conversions, while others will come from thought leaders and personal interactions with your customers. Also, don’t forget to mix up your content so that you have a steady flow of videos, how-to posts, infographics and more.

    With all of this information, you can now put together a social media posting schedule that works for you and your followers. WSI Star Web Solutions specializes in social media marketing in New Orleans. We can assist you in gathering this data, analyzing it and creating a posting schedule. Contact us today to learn more!

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