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    7 Forms of Online Advertising that You Should Know

    Online advertising is a broad term used to describe advertising on the internet to gain web traffic and deliver promotional messages. An important part of your digital marketing mix, online advertising allows you to target specific consumers, control your brand image and gain insight on who your customers are.

    It’s smart to be familiar with the main types of online advertising. This way, you can invest in the advertising channels that bring your brand the greatest ROI. Here are seven forms of online advertising that you should know about.

    1. Display Advertising

    Display advertising is a type of paid advertising that uses images and text. Examples include banners, landing pages and popup ads. Unlike other types of ads, display ads do not show up in the search results. Instead, they are typically found on third-party websites and blogs.

    2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay per click (PPC) ads are another form of paid advertising, but you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. PPC ads include text and sometimes a small image. They are most effective when you want to reach a wide audience and drive immediate traffic to your site.

    3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is a type of online advertising that helps you boost your brand’s visibility through relevant searches. It is usually combined with pay per click because SEO takes time to be effective. To rise in the ranks, you must follow the basics of good SEO: keyword research, linking, quality content and a responsive website.

    4. Native Advertising

    A more subtle form of advertising, native advertising adapts to the media format that it’s appearing on. So, if a native ad is posted on social media, it will blend into the news feed to look natural. The purpose of native ads is to engage audiences in meaningful ways rather than pushing an advertisement on them.

    5. Social Media

    There are two types of advertising on social media: paid and organic. Paid ads allow you to promote your content to a highly targeted audience. Organic search is essentially free advertising, similar to word-of-mouth recommendations. The major social networks have robust advertising platforms that let you target niche audiences.

    6. Remarketing

    Remarketing, or retargeting, uses cookies to follow users around the internet. These ads are shown to people who have visited your website. By keeping your brand front and center, you may convert people who did not engage on the first website visit.

    7. Video Advertising

    Video ads are becoming increasingly popular, as people learn better through visuals than text. All that is needed to create a high-quality video is a smartphone camera, a microphone and a reliable internet connection. Ads can be posted on your website, third-party websites and YouTube and promoted to a specific audience.

    Online advertising is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. To find out which online ads are best for your business, contact WSI Star Web Solutions at 888-853-4449 for a marketing evaluation. We have solutions for all needs and budget.

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