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    Is it Time for a New Digital Marketing Agency 4 Signs It Is

    New Digital Marketing Agency

    Your relationship with your digital marketing agency in New Orleans should be a good one. It requires both parties to work together, communicate and exchange ideas, but ultimately, you should feel like a cohesive team. Unfortunately, it can take some time to find a marketing agency that you click with.

    If you haven’t been feeling confident in the relationship you have with your marketing agency, it may be time to switch. Here are four signs that it’s time to part ways.

    1. Constant issues with communication.

    Marketing is a bit of a gamble, and not everything will yield perfect results. There is some trial and error to marketing, so patience and persistence is everything. However, if you’re having trouble getting a hold of your marketing team, your phone calls feel unproductive or your agency rep takes days to return an email, it’s probably time to cut the cord. Communication is a two-way street, but if you’re doing your share and they’re not, it’s going to be hard to be profitable.

    1. They don’t understand your business or industry.

    When marketing firms are vying for business, it’s tempting for them to over-promise on what they can deliver. They may tell you that they have experience with your industry when really they don’t. Or that experience is very limited. Unfortunately, you won’t see this until later on in your relationship. If this is the case, it’s best to go with someone who understands the unique aspects of your industry.

    1. You’re working off a poor strategy.

    Another sign it’s time to part ways is when your marketing strategy doesn’t make sense or isn’t working for you. You’re paying your marketing firm to build a detailed and comprehensive strategy that meets the needs of your business. The strategy should be well-documented and include business goals, marketing goals, success metrics, KPIs, tactics, deliverables, timelines and more. Anything less than this is a red flag.

    1. You get minimal reporting.

    Your agency should report their findings to you on a regular basis. This tells them and you what’s working and what’s not. From here, your marketing team should make the appropriate changes to keep you moving forward. However, if you’re not getting your reports on time (or at all), how are you going to know what’s happening? Regular reporting ensures you are getting what you pay for.

    Final Thoughts

    What if you’re in a contract or not ready to let your current digital marketing agency go? Have a firm talk with them. Let them know your concerns and expectations. You may find out that the agency is going through some changes or your expectations are too high for what you’re paying.

    WSI Star Web Solutions is a digital marketing agency in New Orleans that works with clients all over the country. If you’re looking for a new marketing firm, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with information on our services, as well as a custom quote.

    CLIENT Testimonials

    I call Burns Smith my guru. Burns Smith is just helping me with my internet presence. I'm in real estate, and he is helping me with that, to just kind of help me get in front of more people. He is very quick to respond, very personable, and very quick to do face-to-face meetings. It seems he is always available, and he is very knowledgeable about the industry. I call him my guru.

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web Solutions has been handling our web development needs for over five years now. They built our website and manage our SEO program, for which we are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them. - K. Smith, Medical Device Company, Atlanta GA.

    Kathryn Smith

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web solutions have been handling our website and internet marketing for many years. Their service is always very responsive and the internet marketing program generates us many leads.

    Is it Time for a New Digital Marketing Agency 4 Signs It Is | WSI Star Web Solutions