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    Split Testing – How to Improve Your Web Design

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    Split testing is a great way to improve your web design in Baton Rouge. All you have to do is create two versions of your web page and see how they compare to each other. You can split test pretty much anything, though it’s best to focus on conversions or specific actions that visitors take when visiting your site.

    Some of the most common elements that webmasters split test are links, buttons, forms, submissions and purchases. The design that generates more favorable results is the winner. But even then, it’s important to continue split testing various elements on your page to ensure the most effective design possible.

    Why Run Split Tests on Your Website

    Split tests are a helpful and accurate way to understand why your visitors aren’t converting. Are there issues with your buttons? Are your links not working? Are your forms too long? By performing a split test, you can identify these issues and fix them to improve conversion rates.

    Split tests also let you know which elements your visitors are interacting with most, as well as what information turns leads into repeat customers. With the right tests, you’ll be able to build the best version of your website. Additional reasons to run split tests are:

    • Improve your content
    • Encourage users to stay on your site
    • Boost conversion rates and values
    • Reduce bounce rates
    • Launch the best website possible

    How to Conduct Split Testing

    There are two main parts to setting up a split test:

    1. Create a variation of your current design. Make a copy of the page you want to split test and apply your changes. If you’re using WordPress, you can make these changes using the block editor. Don’t change too many elements, otherwise you won’t be able to tell what’s responsible for the higher or lower conversion rates.
    2. Use online tools to set up your split test. There are different tools available to split test your design, but one of the easiest is Google Analytics. By integrating Analytics with your WordPress website, you can use a tracking code to track user behavior.

    Once your split test is set up, half of your visitors will see the original design and the other half will see the new one. You’ll be able to monitor the traffic and clicks each variation is getting and determine which design is better. Remember, it’s important to continue split testing the various elements on your pages to fine tune your design for the best results.

    Start Split Testing Today

    Split tests are an important part of having an effective web design in Baton Rouge. For help setting up and running split tests, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today. We’ll make sure your site is the best version of itself it can be!

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