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    Web Design Costs – What to Expect When Building a Site

    Every business benefits from having a website. People are looking for you online and having a website allows them to find you and learn a bit about your business. Of course, the cost of web design in Baton Rouge is an issue for many businesses. The good news is that you can build a great website while keeping costs down.

    Let’s learn more about what to expect when launching a website and ways to reduce your costs.

    What You Can Expect to Pay to Launch a Website

    There are two main costs to building a website: the design and the development. Web design refers to how your website looks, while web development is the time spent on your website’s functionality. Your site can’t just look good, after all. It must offer the functionalities your customers need.

    To simplify this process, it’s best to choose a company that can handle both the web design and development. This way, you can save money and work with one team. While the amount you will pay for your website depends on many factors, most businesses pay between $7000 to $15,000 for their websites. Ecommerce websites cost more.

    How to Manage Your Website Costs

    After years of experience designing and building websites, the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions have a few tips on how to manage your website costs while still getting a brilliant website.

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to build your entire site from scratch. Modern website builder tools make it fast and easy to launch beautiful, responsive websites. Plus, we know what works and what doesn’t, so there’s no reason to pay for features and functionalities you don’t need.
    • Know what you want. Another way to reduce costs is by knowing what you want from the get-go. This way, the project will move along faster and there will be a reduced need for revisions and changes.
    • Focus on the features you really need. It can be tempting to fill your website with features and design elements, but this will get expensive. Instead, focus on the features you absolutely need. As your budget allows, you can add more features down the line.

    Your website costs depend on the platform you use, the designer you work with and the extra functionalities you need. To discuss your website project and the costs to expect, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today. There are options for every budget!


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    Web Design Costs - What to Expect When Building a Site