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    Why the Customer Experience Must Include Mobile

    When thinking about the customer experience, it is absolutely critical that you include mobile in your thinking. Mobile is a major touch point for many customers. With mobile searches surpassing desktop searches as of last year, it’s clear that the mobile experience cannot be ignored. In fact, some people say that mobile is the most important touchpoint because it can have a significant influence on a person’s experience with a brand.

    The Mobile Touchpoint

    The customer experience is the total sum of multiple touchpoints over time that lead to a real relationship. If the touchpoints are primarily good, a customer will have a good impression of the brand. If the touchpoints are not good, they will have the opposite feeling. Some touchpoints may not be as important as others, but mobile is one that cannot be passed over.

    The Mobile Audience

    When thinking about the customer experience, you must realize that your mobile audience is unique. This audience is usually multi-tasking, so you probably don’t have their full attention. They may be browsing websites while watching TV or checking out their news feed while cooking dinner.

    Rather than mobile being simply a touchpoint, it’s a way for your brand to become a part of your customers’ lives, whether it’s online or offline. Your customers shouldn’t have to work hard to order a product or access information. They should be able to use your site and do what they need to do when they are ready.

    Mobile Behavior

    Not only might you not have your mobile audience’s complete attention, but also this audience is more likely to be impatient. They are not going to take the time to fill out complicated forms, zoom in and out to read content or wait any more than a few seconds for your pages to load.

    To make the customer experience positive, your website should have text that is comfortable to read and pages that adapt to any screen. Even with all of these changes, you might find that it’s still challenging to engage your mobile audience. With mobile usage comes changes, and videos is one of them.

    Videos are a fun and efficient way to share information, which is why more brands are using them. Platforms like Vine and Periscope make it possible for DIY marketers to create their own videos, so there’s no excuse not to experiment with them yourself.

    Mobile Cannot be Ignored

    As you think about improving the customer experience, make sure that mobile is a large piece of the puzzle. More people are going to be interacting with your brand through their mobile devices, which means your brand needs to be there and offer a seamless, positive experience. If you can be there when your customers need you, your brand will enjoy more success.

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