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    10 Types of Interactive Content You Should Be Using

    Interactive content is successful at attracting attention and driving brand awareness. It’s also a great way to diversify your content marketing strategy. According to 2017 research from Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive, 46% of content marketers use interactive content and 68% agree that it’s an effective method for repurposing content.

    If you haven’t yet added interactive content to your marketing strategy, here are ten styles to explore. Do you see any of them fitting into your campaigns?

    1. Quizzes, polls, games and surveys. Who doesn’t love a fun quiz to test their knowledge? Surveys, polls and trivia can be used to test your audience’s background on a particular subject. At the end of the quiz, generate a score that can be shared with others.

    2. Interactive infographics and data visualizations. Sharing statistics or fact-based information is made easy with infographics. Help your audience understand this information by including animations and other visualizations.

    3. Troubleshooting tools and diagnostic tests. Troubleshooting content is designed to enhance the customer service experience. As customers browse your site and have questions or concerns, they can get immediate help from live chat and other self-help tools.

    4. Assessments. Assessments come in handy when you need to move customers through the sales funnel. As customers enters the buying cycle, you can use benchmarks to show where they are at in the process.

    5. Interactive photo galleries. Visual content is always helpful in understanding your products and services. This leads to more informed buying choices and improved buyer satisfaction. To get started, create interactive image galleries that give customers a complete view of your products.

    6. Calculators and configurators. Mortgage companies, car dealerships and ecommerce stores often use these tools to help customers make informed buying decisions. Shoppers can also compare prices and assess cost benefits.

    7. Interactive eBooks. If you’ve taken the time to create an eBook or whitepaper, make sure it’s accessible. To do this, create a version that is navigable so that users can locate the information they need quickly and efficiently.

    8. Content wizards. Content wizards understand customer needs based on user behavior. This way, the most helpful, relevant content is shown to your audience in the moments that matter most.

    9. Heat maps and timelines. If you have a rich history, you can use heat maps, timelines or map overlays to tell your brand story. This helps users connect with your brand on a deeper level and recognize your role in their life.

    10. Virtual reality. Virtual reality allows you to express your brand in ways that were not possible before. As virtual reality becomes more commonplace, you can use the available technology to bring your brand to life.

    As you can see, there are many ways you can make your content interactive, memorable and helpful for your audience. Hopefully you’ve found room to add more interactive content into your marketing strategy!

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