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    2019 Holiday SEO Tips to Rock Your Business

    Holiday SEO Tips

    To make the most of December, it’s important to have a Mississippi SEO strategy established ahead of time. This way, you can drive traffic to your site and capture more sales. To ensure you are taking advantage of the Christmas shopping season, here are some holiday SEO tips to follow.

    Review Your Site’s Load Times and Performance

    Check your site’s performance to make sure there are no issues that could prevent people from shopping with you. If customers have to deal with slow load times, broken links and other problems, they’re more likely to bounce off your site and buy from a competitor instead.

    There are a number of tools you can use to analyze your site’s performance, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, SEMrush and Copyscape. Here is what we recommend keeping an eye out for:

    • Slow site speed
    • Broken URLs
    • Duplicate content
    • Lack of internal links
    • A lot of redirects
    • Unsecured pages

    Study Last Year’s Trends

    To help you focus on the most important aspects of your Mississippi SEO strategy, study last year’s trends. What pages were most successful last year? What was your conversion rate? How did visitors behave on certain pages? By figuring out which pages were most successful, you can focus on them again this year.

    The two tools we recommend using to study trends are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Analytics shows real-time information about your site, including how many people have visited, the region they’re from and the most successful marketing tactics. Google Search Console helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in the search results.

    Identify Relevant Keywords

    There are a number of tools you can use to identify popular keywords like Google’s Keyword Planner. Using this tool, you can discover high-volume seasonal keywords. Keep in mind that holiday keywords can be difficult to rank for because of the competition. To drive qualified traffic to your site, also consider keywords that have low to medium competition.

    If your brand has a limited budget, long-tail keywords can separate you from the competition. These keywords are highly specific and have lower search volumes, but they are more likely to match exactly what the user is shopping for. This can result in more click-throughs and conversions.

    Create Holiday Landing Pages

    When users click on your ads, it’s important to bring them to a relevant landing page. Sending them to a generic homepage will be confusing, and they may bounce off your page if they don’t feel like digging through your site to find what they’re looking for.

    To ensure you’re using your time wisely, create your landing pages and use a 302 redirect (it’s temporary) to keep them hidden. This way, you can optimize the pages and send the bots to crawl them. When it’s time to run your ads, make the landing pages visible to users.

    By now, you should have a solid holiday marketing strategy in place. However, these helpful tips can be utilized throughout the month of December to keep relevant traffic coming your way. For more unique holiday marketing strategies, contact WSI Star Web Solutions.

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