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    How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Business Growth in COVID Times

    digital marketing in New Orleans
    “Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Business Growth Amid COVID – Digital marketing New Orleans”

    Marketing your business during these unprecedented times is bound to feel different. No one in the working world has gone through a pandemic like this before, so there’s no rule book on how to talk to customers while protecting your bottom line. The good news is that your customers DO want to hear from you, so you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and connect with them.

    Below are the different ways that digital marketing in New Orleans can boost your business growth in Covid times.

    Digital Marketing in Times of Crisis

    Because the only way to fight the virus is to quarantine, far more people are staying close to home. By studying web usage statistics, it’s apparent that people are browsing the web from their homes, keeping in touch with loved ones through social media and shopping for essential goods online.

    Some of the most successful campaigns in recent months have been focused on working from home and taking care of one another. Many of these campaigns have included influencers to help reach new audiences. The purpose of these marketing campaigns is to remind customers that we are all in this together.

    Getting Started with Digital Marketing

    To stay connected with your customers and help drive new business growth, here are some ways that you can use digital marketing during Covid:

    • Share how you’re helping others. Right now, there are endless opportunities to help people from around the world. Even if it’s not directly Covid-related, donating time or money shows the human side of your business. Use digital marketing to share your efforts and inspire others to do the same.
    • Paid ads. Paid ads are actually becoming cheaper. The virus has been causing people to spend more time online, but there are less advertisers, so now is a great time to invest in paid ads. Test out these ads to see if they produce higher ROI for your business.
    • Boost conversions with flexible payment plans. Conversion rates are down but there’s a way to boost conversions. If you’re selling products online, consider offering payment plans through services like Affirm. These flexible payment plans make online purchases less intimidating because people can pay a little at a time.
    • Offer educational based training. If you are looking for an opportunity to provide useful services to your audience, consider offering educational based courses. Unemployment is reaching all-time highs and many Americans are afraid of losing their jobs. This means they’re looking for new opportunities.

    Covid-Proof Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

    Keep in mind that Covid is not the same in every country. Some countries have the virus under control while others do not, so you’ll want to tailor your messages based on who you are speaking to.

    If you would like to discuss digital marketing in New Orleans and how you can use it to boost business growth, contact WSI Star Web Solutions. Things may be harder right now, but they are not impossible! Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals.

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