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    Best Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

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    Even though we are living in a digital age where people often prefer to shop for things online, it’s still hard being an e-commerce business. The competition is fierce and today’s consumers are self-empowered. Before a customer visits your site, they may have already compared your products, checked the prices and decided what to buy.

    With e-commerce opportunities awaiting, you want to be able to take advantage of them. Below are the best New Orleans internet marketing strategies to apply to your e-commerce business.

    Improve Customer Service with Chatbots

    Chatbots are an excellent way to free up your customer support staff while still providing attentive service. With chatbots, you can be instantly available for your customers and resolve issues that could prevent them from placing an order.

    Chatbots are even good at upselling and cross-selling products, as well as letting shoppers know when something is on a discount. Of course, you’ll still need your customer service reps to handle more complex issues.

    Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Shopping cart abandonment occurs for a number of reasons, including limited delivery options, an overly complicated checkout process (e.g., needing to set up an account, asking for too much information) and poor website performance. Address shopping cart abandonment rates and find ways to improve the checkout experience. Also, it’s smart to develop an email recovery strategy that automatically reminds customers of items left in their carts.

    Give the Option for Wish Lists

    Wish lists are useful for you and your customers. People love having a place to store their favorite products, and you can learn a wealth of information from the lists. When you have something about the product to share with the customer (e.g., low inventory, clearance prices), you can send them an email and boost sales.

    Offer Flexible Delivery Options

    One of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment is a lack of delivery options. It’s frustrating to pick out an item and find that it won’t arrive on time.

    Be sure to offer your shoppers flexible delivery options. Some people may be willing to pay more to have their item arrive early. Others will be more interested in getting the best deal, even if it means waiting longer for the product to arrive.

    Make it Mobile Friendly

    It’s imperative that your e-commerce site is mobile friendly. The majority of your customers will probably be visiting your site from their mobile device, so make the experience positive and enjoyable. Some nice features to have include add-to-cart buttons, a shopping cart that scrolls with the customer and a running total.

    These are just some of the strategies to improve your e-commerce business. To ensure your online store is ready for the holiday shopping season, contact the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions.

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