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    How to Do LinkedIn Marketing in Under 30 Minutes a Day

    LinkedIn remains the largest professional network in the world. According to recent statistics, two professionals join LinkedIn every second. The quality of users is exceptionally high as well. Fifty percent of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn, and 45 percent of LinkedIn users are in upper management.

    Needless to say, LinkedIn has an audience that is professional, educated and accomplished. This is why it’s important to check in with LinkedIn each day and spend a few minutes perfecting your presence. Below I will teach you how to be an effective LinkedIn marketer in under 30 minutes a day.

    Step 1. Accept Connection Requests

    Review any new connection requests. Accept those that are appropriate for your industry. Take things a step further by sending new connections a Welcome Message. This gets the conversation started and also shows that you are grateful for the connection.

    Step 2. Respond to Messages

    Review and respond to any messages you’ve received. Get to know your network by asking questions and showing interest in what they do for work. Not everyone will respond, but your hope is that you can develop more meaningful relationships by sending a personalized message.

    Step 3. Post a Status Update

    Once you are caught up on your connections, it’s time to post a status update. By posting updates, you can keep your name front and center while also building credibility. Post high quality, professional content such as your latest blogs, industry news, infographics, etc. To cut down on the time spent on this step, pre-schedule your updates a week in advance.

    Step 4. Respond to Engagement

    Has there been any engagement on your status updates? Be sure to acknowledge them and show people that you are listening. If you go under your Notifications and Activity pages, you can see all of the people who have engaged with your content. If you see people who have liked or shared a post and you’re not yet in touch, consider sending them a connection request.

    Step 5. Interact with Your Network

    LinkedIn is a two-way street. If you expect engagement from others, you need to do the same. Scroll through your news feed and find a few posts that interest you. Read through them and leave a thoughtful comment. Or, share the post with your connections. This effort goes a long way in developing more productive relationships.

    This sums up what you should be doing on LinkedIn each day to have a successful and robust social media marketing strategy. Fortunately, keeping up on these tasks allows you to be more efficient with your time. About 3-4 minutes on each step is all you need to keep your network going strong.

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