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    How to Improve SEO on Your Mobile Site

    Improve SEO on Your Mobile Site

    Looking to improve SEO on your mobile site? With more people visiting websites through their mobile devices, it’s crucial that your mobile site can be found through proper search engine optimization in Jackson MS. Online marketing for mobile sites is not that different from standard SEO practices, though you’ll want to pay attention to certain areas.

    Below are the best ways to improve SEO on your mobile website.

    Choose a responsive design.

    A responsive design is one of the best ways to make your site available for mobile users. With a responsive design, your site exists on one URL, making it easier for Google to read and index it. If you’re using Word Press, chances are your site is already responsive. If it’s not, talk to your web developer about fixing your site.

    Improve your site speed.

    How fast your pages load is incredibly important for SEO. Studies consistently show that people leave sites that load slowly, which means you’ll lose them to your competitors. And, if your competitors provide a better user experience, users probably won’t return to your site in the future.

    To determine how fast your web pages load, use PageSpeed Insights. This will tell you how quickly your site loads and what you can do to make it faster. Some ways to improve load times are:

    • Optimize images
    • Minify code
    • Use browser caching
    • Reduce redirects

    Don’t block JavaScript, CSS or HTML.

    Don’t block assets like JavaScript, CSS or HTML. This makes it harder for Google to access your site and rank it accordingly. To avoid this, check Google Search Console to make sure you’re not blocking any resources.

    Avoid using too many pop-ups.

    Google will penalize sites that use large pop-ups to promote ads and sign-up forms. These pop-ups disrupt the user experience and prevent people from doing what they were doing. If you do choose to use pop-ups on your site to notify users about something, make sure you follow Google’s rules. Otherwise, we recommend staying away from them altogether.

    Improve tap targets and legibility.

    People get frustrated when their finger can’t hit a button, so be sure that your buttons are easy to press. Your typography also deserves a second look, as it needs to be legible on mobile devices. If users have to zoom in and out to read your text, it will negatively impact their experience. Also, make sure people can just tap the phone number in order to initiate a phone call.

    There are many things you can do to boost search engine optimization in Jackson MS for your mobile site. The tips listed above will give you a good start. By ensuring good SEO, you can bring the right traffic to your website, generate qualified leads and close more sales. To discuss your current SEO strategy and how it can be improved, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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