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    How to Pick Up SEO After Neglecting Your Website

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    It’s easy to neglect your website when business is doing well. You have a lot of business coming in, and you’re busy filling orders and handling customer requests. But no matter how well your business is doing, you should never neglect your website. If you do, your organic traffic can slow down, which means business will, too.

    Fortunately, there are ways to get back into the SEO groove after neglecting your site. Below are some tips for taking action and driving more traffic to your web pages.

    Reassess Your Current Audience

    Take some time to think about your current audience. Your target customer profile changes over time, so it’s important that you’re aware of these changes and how they might impact your marketing efforts.

    Ask yourself these questions: Who is your audience? Who are you looking to attract to your website? What do they have in common? For example, our blog attracts a lot of small business owners who are looking to improve their website and/or marketing campaigns.

    Don’t just get to know your audience on a surface level – age, location, education. Get to know their passions, interests, motivations for buying, etc. This will help you make effective changes to your search engine optimization in Baton Rouge.

    Review Your Analytics

    Before taking action on your SEO, review your statistics in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools tell you how your site is performing and the areas that need improvement.

    A good strategy is to look at what pages are bringing you the most traffic and money and determine how to make them even better. You know they’re working for you, so it’s worth putting your time into them.

    For pages that aren’t getting much traffic, they definitely need some attention in the SEO department. Tweak these pages and monitor their performance to see what’s working. Sometimes, pages get instant traffic just by updating content, adding internal links and improving SEO with new keywords.

    Do Some General Technical Maintenance

    Part of having good SEO is maintaining your website from a technical standpoint. If you’re using a WordPress site with Yoast, for instance, most of the technical stuff is handled for you. But if you’ve been neglecting your SEO, you should do a few technical checks such as:

    • Checking your website’s speed
    • Fixing 404 errors and broken links
    • Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly
    • Using Secure Sockets Layer – SSL
    • Fixing duplicate content issues

    Execute Your SEO Plan

    Once you know what your site needs to get it up to speed, you can start implementing your SEO plan. Make sure that it’s a plan that you can stick to. If you don’t have time to spend on SEO, consider outsourcing your needs to an SEO company like WSI Star Web Solutions.

    Not only will an SEO company handle your SEO needs, but also they keep on top of the latest trends so that you don’t have to! Plus, you won’t have to worry about your site being neglected again!

    Some of the things your SEO team will keep track of are:

    • Checking your site speed
    • Doing keyword research
    • Analyzing data in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    • Updating old content
    • Redirecting 404s
    • Checking your internal linking structure

    Improve Your SEO in Louisiana Today

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