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    Is it Time to Refresh Your Logo in 2020

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    Your logo is an important part of your business identity. When people see your logo, they should feel positively towards your brand. However, as your brand changes, it’s possible that your logo is no longer a positive representation of your products and services. This means that it could be time for an update in your web design in Baton Rouge. Some logos need to be completely transformed while others only need a few tweaks.

    Below are the questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s time to refresh your logo.

    Does your logo stand out from the crowd?

    When your company was new, you may have had no choice but to design a logo on a budget. You may have used ordinary colors and basic icons, but today, these elements do little to help you stand out. Now that you are more established, it’s probably time for a new logotype with a more memorable design.

    Is your logo out of date?

    It’s also possible that your logo is out of date. At one point, things like drop shadows and glossy effects were popular. Today, this is not the case. Thanks to new graphic design capabilities, logos look a lot different. An update allows you to take advantage of the latest logo trends such as responsive design logos, bright colors, negative space and illustration replacing letters.

    Does your logo represent your brand?

    What does your logo say about your brand? The colors, design and style of your logo should be a positive representation of your business. These elements should evoke certain emotions in your audience like trust, credibility, affordability or a sense of fun. If your logo does not match your brand’s tone and personality, it’s time for a new look.

    Can modern media properly display your logo?

    Even if your brand hasn’t changed much over the years, web design in Baton Rouge has. Therefore, it’s important that your logo is digital friendly and mobile friendly. Otherwise, it may appear pixelated, squashed or blurry when it comes up on mobile devices. With an upgraded logo, you can take advantage of the latest media and ensure a seamless logo for all of your marketing materials.

    Is your logo too busy or hard to understand?

    Some of the best logos are the simplest. Complex logos can be hard to look at and may even discourage people from considering your brand. If your logo has a lot going on, simplify it with neutral colors, a clean design and a clear message. You want your logo to be visually appealing and also support your brand image.

    Is your brand ready for a new logo? Contact WSI Star Web Solutions for a consultation. We’ll ensure that your branding is consistent and clear across all channels.

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    Is it Time to Refresh Your Logo in 2020 | WSI Star Web Solutions