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    Keep Your Brand Fresh with these Social Media Content Ideas

    The last thing you want to do is create social media content just for the sake of it. Rather than boring your audience with another predictable post, leave them feeling happy, engaged and inspired. Following a highly strategic and targeted social content calendar ensures each post is working toward your larger goals. 

    In this post, our digital marketing agency in Baton Rouge shares some of our favorite ideas on keeping your brand fresh on social media. Enjoy! 

    Create a series that launches weekly or monthly 

    Do you have a broad topic that you can cover in a series? Starting a series is a great way to provide useful content to your audience while encouraging them to tune in each week. Create a branded hashtag to keep your conversations organized. 

    Run a contest or giveaway 

    People love to get free stuff, so they’ll find it hard to resist a contest or giveaway where they could win something of value. To run a successful giveaway, all you need are the following: 

    • Something to give away. Ideally, what you give away should be related to your brand and relevant to your audience. 
    • Terms and conditions. This covers you legally and makes your contest seem more legitimate. 
    • Point of contact. Leave your contact information so that people can reach out with questions or concerns. Again, this makes your contest seem legitimate. 
    • Way of entry. Brand awareness is a goal of giveaways, so consider how people will enter your contest, such as by sharing your content or tagging their friends. 

    Host a Q&A session 

    Host a genuine “ask me anything” series that allows people to ask you questions. Q&A sessions are a great opportunity for people to learn about your brand. It’s also a great opportunity for you to learn what’s important to your customers.  

    Let someone take over your account 

    Another neat way to shake up your social media content is with a social media takeover. Hand off your social media account to an influencer, celebrity or other high-profile individual related to your industry. This person can offer a unique perspective on your brand or their role in the company. 

    Partner with another brand 

    Is there a brand that you can partner with for added exposure? Not only is this an effective way to diversify your social media content, but also you can benefit from the other brand’s customers and vice versa. Social media makes it especially easy to sync up your brands. 

    Go live 

    People enjoy watching Facebook Live videos because they are raw, unedited and convenient. Consider going live to give your followers something new and interesting to watch. Options include how-to videos, vlogs, Q&A sessions, sneak peeks, product reviews and product launchings. It’s free to do, and no editing is required. 

    Looking for ways to keep your brand fresh and irresistible on social media? Contact WSI Star Web Solutions to learn more about our social media services. 


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