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    Putting Together a Helpful FAQ Page for Your Site

    FAQ page optimization

    Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is one of the most important pages on your website. This is the place where customers go when they want to answer a question or clarify a detail before placing an order. Having a strong, useful FAQ page instills buyer confidence, frees up customer service and also improves search engine optimization in Baton Rouge.

    Below are some tips for putting together the best FAQ page for your site.

    Gather Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Start by making a list of the questions you most commonly hear from customers. This may sound obvious, but it’s important to have structure on your page so it doesn’t end up as a dumping ground for other things. In other words, don’t just assume you know your customers’ questions. Do some research, talk to your customer service team or ask your customers directly.

    Write a Clear Answer for Each Question

    Once you have your questions narrowed down, work on answering them with a clear and accurate response. Avoid the temptation to add in other details or explain more than you have to. Simply provide a factual, concise answer and leave it be. High quality answers also improve search engine optimization in Baton Rouge and the likelihood that you will get a featured snippet.

    Use Clear Navigation

    When all your questions and answers are in place, you can start putting the page together. Remember that your FAQ page should be easy to navigate, as most customers won’t need to read your whole page. Rather, they’re usually looking for an answer to one or two questions. You can create organization by using collapsible windows, jump-to links or separated linked pages.

    Put the Page on Your Website

    Let’s show off your FAQ page! Where you place this page is important because you want users to be able to find it with no problems. Place the page prominently on your site’s menu, sidebar or footer area. You can also provide users with a link to your FAQ page on your contact page. This will cut down on customer service questions.

    Update Your FAQ Page Regularly

    Lastly, remember that your FAQ page is not static. As you discover common questions that your customers are asking, consider adding them to your page. You may also notice that some questions can be removed, as they’re no longer useful to your audience. And, you may want to re-write your answers from time to time so that they are most clear and relevant.

    FAQ pages are useful for most websites, particularly if your customer service team is receiving the same questions over and over again. Take the time to address the question once and free up support tickets to leave time for more unique cases. To discuss the creation of a new or updated FAQ page and where to place it on your site, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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