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    Seeing Red Flags_ It May be Time to Switch Marketing Agencies

    How’s your relationship with your digital marketing agency in Baton Rouge? If it’s not as positive and constructive as you’d like it to be, it may be time to switch companies. Before you have this discussion, however, be sure that you have the facts. Understand where the flaws are and what weaknesses are having an impact on your business. Not only can you share this information with the agency to help them improve in the future, but also you can choose an internet marketing firm that better meets your needs.

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    Below are the red flags that it’s time to make a clean break from the marketing agency you are currently working with.

    Not Meeting Goals

    Usually, the first sign that something isn’t right is when a marketing firm fails to meet your goals. If your internet marketing firm continues to miss important metrics and deadlines, this is a sign that you need someone new managing your campaigns. The marketing industry is ever-changing, but this is not an excuse to consistently miss the mark

    Lacking in Transparency

    Your agency should update you on campaign performance, ad budget, trends, additional costs and more. To ensure your digital marketing company is being transparent, make it known that you want to hear from them. Having open communication is important on both ends and ensures that transparency is a core part of the relationship.

    Doesn’t Report Back to You

    Similarto being transparent, your marketing firm should provide you with monthly reports on how your website and campaigns are performing. If they aren’t, this is a problem. How do you know what you are paying for? What areas are going well with? Which ones need work?

    You probably get an invoice every month, so you should be getting reports as well. If there are things that aren’t working, your marketing firm should be shifting their strategy to make it more effective. This is part of your contract and should be the expectations you hold for your marketing team.

    Sloppy Output

    Are you finding that some of your work is getting lazy or sloppy? If you notice spelling errors, grammar mistakes, missed deadlines, etc., it’s probably time to make the switch – or at least speak up. You don’t need a reputation management nightmare on your hands, as this will cost your brand far more in time and money than switching companies.

    Doesn’t Understand Your Industry

    Digital marketing agencies are often happy to take on any client, but this can hurt you in the long run if they don’t understand your industry. Some agencies are very willing to get to know new industries, but others have too much on their plates to do so.

    At the very least, your marketing company should be familiar with your audience, the lingo they use and how to effectively advertise your products and services. If they aren’t learning, it’s probably time to go with a company that is well-versed in your industry.

    If you are looking for a new agency to take over your internet marketing in Baton Rouge, WSI Star Web Solutions will be happy to meet with you! We can discuss your goals, our approach to working with clients and what we can achieve together – all at an affordable rate.

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    I call Burns Smith my guru. Burns Smith is just helping me with my internet presence. I'm in real estate, and he is helping me with that, to just kind of help me get in front of more people. He is very quick to respond, very personable, and very quick to do face-to-face meetings. It seems he is always available, and he is very knowledgeable about the industry. I call him my guru.

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web Solutions has been handling our web development needs for over five years now. They built our website and manage our SEO program, for which we are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them. - K. Smith, Medical Device Company, Atlanta GA.

    Kathryn Smith

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web solutions have been handling our website and internet marketing for many years. Their service is always very responsive and the internet marketing program generates us many leads.

    Seeing Red Flags_ It May be Time to Switch Marketing Agencies | WSI Star Web Solutions