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    Why Retargeting Should be Part of Your Strategy

    When a person visits your site and leaves without converting, you shouldn’t have to start the relationship all over again. Obviously, the customer has some need for your product and has learned about what you have to offer. Going back to square one wastes time and money. The better option is to retarget prospects. Retargeting is when you show your products and services to people who visited your site but did not convert.

    Once you see how effective retargeting is, you won’t hesitate to add it to your strategy. Let’s discuss the main reasons why retargeted ads should be included in your digital efforts.

    Increase Sales

    Generating more revenue is a prime objective for all businesses. Ad retargeting is a cost-effective way to influence your customers’ purchase decisions. Consider that web visitors are 70% more likely to convert on a website when they are retargeted with display ads. With the success of retargeted ads, 1 in 5 marketers have a dedicated budget for retargeting and many plan to increase their budget.

    Enhance Brand Awareness

    Getting people to notice your brand through all the internet noise can be tricky. Retargeted ads help out with this. Research shows that it can take up to seven impressions to influence customers to take action. Retargeting can shorten this process and encourage people to convert much sooner. The ads keep your brand front and center and ahead of your competitors.

    Reach More Interested People

    Would you rather cold call people or return phone calls from interested leads? Retargeting is the latter. Rather than paying to show ads to people who don’t have a need for your product, retargeting lets you reach people who have already shown an interest. Not everyone will convert, but some will only need a nudge. A special offer or subtle reminder can make all the difference.

    Gain Valuable Insight

    Another perk to retargeting is that you can gain insight into why people are leaving your website. Is there a point in the funnel where visitors are dropping off? What types of recapturing methods are bringing people back in? Use this data to fix breaks in the funnel and improve the user experience. It could be that a new design, an easier checkout process or a clear return policy can improve conversions for first-time visits.

    Stick to a Reasonable Ad Budget

    Banner ads are effective and should remain a part of your digital strategy, but retargeted ads should not be undervalued. You get a stronger return on your investment, as the people you are reaching have already been to your website and are closer to taking action. There is a 147% increase in conversions when retargeting leads, and 26% of retargeted customers return and complete their checkout.

    As technology evolves and marketing becomes more personalized and direct, there will only be more room for retargeting. To get on board with a retargeting campaign that results in increased conversions and sales, call WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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